SC Protect is a shipping insurance product developed in partnership between ShippingCart and Stere Philippines Insurance Agency Inc., underwritten by Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation (PLGIC).

Why Opt for SC Protect?

Worried about late deliveries?

📦 Find comfort in our Delivery Guarantee, promising up to 100% refund of the shippng fee if your shipment arrives fashionably late.

Concerned about the safety of your items?

💼 Up to 100% of your declared value and shipping fee will be refunded if package got lost, missing an item, or damaged.

Received the wrong item?

📭 No more fretting, SC Protect offers a serene Return-to-Sender service of up to $90 USD on merchant returns.

This isn't just a cost adjustment; it's an investment in your peace of mind. Backed by Stere Philippines Insurance Agency Inc. underwritten by Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation, SC Protect ensures you're supported by trusted names in the industry.

Remember, SC Protect is optional but highly recommended. Opting in guarantees comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Ensure you get the best coverage and fair reimbursement by inputting your insured value accurately. And guess what? Your custom duties remain untouched.

*Subject to deductible and SC Protect Terms and Conditions