How do I submit a Change of delivery address requests?

Steps on how to change the shipping details while an order is still being processed for shipment.

1. Please go to the 'Shipment' section in your SC mobile app to find the order.'
2. Choose the 'Preparing for Shipment' tab.
2. Tap the order to open the order details.
3. In the 'Ship To section,' tap the pencil icon next to 'Update' to change the shipping details, including the consignee name, shipping address, and contact number.
4. Finally, tap the 'Save' button to update the changes.
*This feature in SC app only applies to orders not yet in transit*

Please note that change address requests for in-transit orders are subject to approval (with additional charges and fees depending on the location difference) by our local partner courier. The amount will be provided by our local partner courier and you will be asked to settle this via bank deposit/transfer.

You may send your request to so that we can assist you.

Send us an email regarding your request once you've been notified that your shipment/s has already been released from BOC so we can forward the request to our local partner courier. This is to avoid your request from being overlooked.