Oregon USPS Service Advisory

Why is my package tagged as "Return to Sender" by USPS?

We know that some of you have experienced packages being returned to the seller by USPS. While we have tried to speak to their Management team about this situation, it seems that this practice will not stop as they are continuously flagging ShippingCart packages that do not follow their preferred delivery address format (specifically packages with the ShippingCart account number as part of the delivery address).

Below are suggestions as to how you can still include your ShippingCart account number (which is our unique identifier for package ownership) should you choose USPS as the courier:

  • Encode your ShippingCart account number (xx-xxxx on the examples below) as part of your name on seller online store checkout.


  • If the online store does not accept numbers as part of your name, complete the checkout process without encoding your ShippingCart account number on the delivery address field. If 2 days has passed from the time that your package status shows as “picked-up”, send us an email (customecare@shippingcart.com) with the package courier tracking number so that we can confirm if it’s with us.  If the package was included in the daily pick-up done by our Oregon team, we can instantly transfer it to your cart.

Why is my package not uploaded to cart when USPS tracking shows "picked-up"?

We would also like to take this opportunity to further explain how your packages get to us. To clarify, USPS does not deliver packages to our Oregon warehouse. To get them, pick-up is done by our warehouse team from Monday-Friday PST after packages have been manually sorted and placed in respective Company bins and cages by USPS.

This manual sorting process is prone to delays and errors as packages can be placed in incorrect Company bins and cages which would result in a “picked-up” status once the Company representative gets their packages. Below are photos taken at USPS to illustrate this. Package pick-up can also be done by anyone with no signature requirement. 

We recommend using other couriers to ship your packages to our Oregon warehouse to ensure that it safely gets to us. If using USPS could not be avoided, our team will upload the package to your cart as soon as we have it. In the event that your package does not get to our warehouse, you can report it to your seller for refund or replacement filing. 


Photos taken from USPS main office