Oregon Service Advisory: Item Processing Update

Updated December 8, 2022

To our valued ShippingCart customers:

We are so happy that you get to enjoy tax-free shopping from the US with the launch of our Oregon warehouse. Despite our best efforts to minimize birth pains with this launch - including shelving upgrades and early hiring and training of our staff, we are still faced with challenges that have affected our service and commitment to our customers. Maintaining manpower has been difficult. Up until now, it is a cycle of looking for the right fit, filling in a position and training new employees which led to backlog build up.

As a way to move forward, we will be implementing temporary changes so we can speed up processing to catch up with our backlog. These changes are effective December 8, 2022 PST until further notice.

1. Package opening will be paused so we can upload it to your cart faster.

This means that we will no longer open and inspect packages prior to cart upload. Photo capture will be limited to the box exterior showing the sender’s courier tracking label. No claims will be processed for unopened boxes. Packages may be placed on hold and additional charges may apply after arrival in the PH if prohibited items are detected.

If you still wish to see actual items in your package, you may submit a ticket via the ShippingCart app but please note that there is a turnaround time of at least 7 days from the date your request is submitted as our team will be focusing on clearing the backlog. Here are the steps to submit a request:

  • Go to your cart and select the package you wish to be opened
  • Tap the Submit a Ticket button
  • Select “The item is not shown, only the box or the packaging” option then Continue to submit the request

2. Shipment cost for Air Cargo will be computed based on actual weight.

We understand that the box your items came with may be too bulky compared to the actual items inside so we will no longer check for volumetric weight and compare it to the actual weight. Shipment cost for Air Cargo will be computed based on actual weight (minimum weight of 1lb) to limit the impact of non-opening of boxes on your shipping fee.

3. Storage fees will be waived.

Any storage fees incurred while we resolve our backlog will be waived.

4. Fixed handling fee will be reduced.

Fixed handling fee will be lowered from 12USD to 10USD applicable to both air and sea cargo shipments during checkout.

Please note that these changes apply to our Oregon warehouse only and the rest of our warehouses (UK, Australia, Korea, Japan) will retain existing processes and charges.

Below is our estimated processing timetable for your reference

Date of Acceptance scan

Estimated Item Processing completion date

November 22 PST

December 8 PST

November 23 PST

December 10 PST

November 28 PST

December 12 PST

November 29 PST

December 12 PST

December 1 PST

December 14 PST

December 2 PST

December 15 PST

December 5 PST

December 16 PST

December 6 PST

December 19 PST

December 7 PST

December 20 PST

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we truly appreciate your continued patience and understanding.