Why is my package tagged as off-size?

What is an off-size item?

  • An item will be tagged as “off-size” in your cart if it exceeds the allowable maximum dimension and/or weight that can be shipped via air cargo depending on which origin the item will be coming from. Values may differ for each origin as this is based on our Forwarding partner’s capacity. Off-size items can only be shipped via sea cargo to the PH.
Origin Maximum dimension and/or weight for air cargo
US 48 inches (any side)
UK 55 inches (any side)
AU 48 inches (any side) | 66 lbs
Korea 58 inches (any side)
Japan 54 inches (any side)

 How will I know that my item is off-size?

  • Our system will automatically detect that your item is off-size based on the dimensions and weight encoded during item processing. You will be alerted during cart upload as off-size items will have an item flag and will be placed in a different section of your cart. 

Can I consolidate regular and off-size items during checkout?

  • No, off-size items are to be shipped individually so consolidation during checkout is not possible.

Are there requirements in shipping an off-size item?

  • In the event that more information is needed by our Warehouse Forwarding partner (ie. invoice, order details), Customer Care will reach out to you via email. 

What is the shipping rate for off-size items?

Origin Sea cargo (special handling)
US $1.75 per cubic/inch
UK $2.75 per cubic/inch
AU $1.75 per cubic/inch
Korea $1.75 per cubic/inch
Japan $2.99 per cubic/inch

 Are there additional charges in shipping off-size items?

  • Yes, there may be additional charges outside the shipping fee that you pay during checkout. These additional charges can be for facilitation and/or last-mile delivery (ie. truck rental). Any additional charge for your package will be emailed by Customer Care and you will be billed via PayPal invoice link.