How do I submit a SAT request via SC app?

Steps on how to use the SAT feature (request for additional photo, remeasure, reweigh, and disposal of an item) through the SC mobile app:
1. Proceed to your Cart to choose the item for your request.
2. Tap on 'Submit a ticket' and select the option that applies to your request such as:
a. Re-image request for item/contents verification, blurred photo, and no photo of the actual item
b. Reweigh and remeasure request if you have a dispute on the encoded weight and dimension
c. Dispose of an item
3. You can use the text box under the option 'Items are incomplete based on photo and description' to indicate the correct number of items and the contents. For the request 'The item is not shown, only the box or packaging,' you should agree to a disclaimer that we will not be liable for any damages if we need to open the box to take a photo of the actual item.
4. Click on the 'Continue' button to submit the request.

After validation, you will be notified that your SAT request has been forwarded to our Warehouse Team for processing. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be completed.