How do I submit a Pull Out/Return request via SC app?

Steps on how to submit a VAS (Value Added Service) request on Pull Out/Return via SC mobile app:

1. Proceed to your Cart to choose the item for Pull Out/Return.
2. Tap on “Special Request” and choose the option 'Pull-out/Return'.
3. Attach a soft copy of the RMA/Prepaid shipping label (JPG or PDF format) via the upload file box. You also have the option to provide more details through the 'specify the item' text box. This will be useful, especially if you will be requesting for a Partial Pull Out/Return (package contains multiple items but 1 or several items are for Pull Out/Return).
4. Complete your payment for the $10 service fee 
5. You will receive a notification that your Pull out/Return request was successfully submitted after payment has been completed.