How is SC Protect computed?

The SC Protect insurance fee is automatically computed during checkout when customers choose to opt in. Below are sample computations that show our previous coverage vs. SC Protect.

 *Terms and Conditons apply

This uplifting shift is our way of enhancing your shipping journey. SC Protect is a dynamic partnership with Stere Philippines Insurance Agency Inc., underwritten by Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation – names you can rely on in the industry. 

To make sure that you are fully covered in case unexpected scenarios happen during shipping, we highly encourage you to be honest about the value of your items. By doing so, you'll be able to make a proper claim and get reimbursed fairly for any unfortunate incidents like damage, loss, or theft.

Remember, it's all important for your peace of mind. SC Protect covers up to $20,000 per shipment, with a $10,000 limit per item. So, don't hesitate to declare the value of your items accurately.