What is ShippingCart Buy-For-Me Service?

Do you need help in buying items from the US, UK, AU, Korea, and Japan? Our Buy-For-Service breaks PH credit card boundaries, website block barrier and language and account creation issues so you can easily buy the items you want abroad and ship them to your PH delivery address. Download the ShippingCart app now to take advantage of this service.

How Buy-For-Me service works:
1. Fill out and submit a request form on our app
2. Get availability confirmation and billing from our warehouse team within 2 business days
3. Pay via PayPal or Credit card within 3 days from billing date so we can proceed with the purchase
4. Get purchase confirmation within 2 business days
5. Receive notifications via app and email when your order arrives at the warehouse

You'll get app updates every step of the way when you submit a Buy-For-me request. Once your item arrives at our warehouse, it will be processed (photo taking and dimension encoding) and uploaded to your cart for checkout.