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Shop from online stores and send it to your ShippingCart address!

When you buy items from online stores, use your ShippingCart address and your account number as your delivery address. We will notify you once your packages have been received at the ShippingCart warehouse.

Processing consists of weighing, measuring, and photographing your item/s while it's in its original packaging. However, please note that if your item/s arrives in a courier's or distributor's box (e.g. FedEx, Amazon), we remove the courier's box before your item(s) is measured and weighed. We measure and weigh your item/s in its original/manufacturer's packaging to help you save on shipping fees.

This may take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the volume of shipments the ShippingCart warehouse is handling at the time.

After your package/s has been processed, we will send you an email notifying you that your package is in your Cart, which you can access via your ShippingCart dashboard. When you are ready to ship, select which package/s you want to send to your address, select your applicable shipping and payment method, and pay for the shipping fee. Once you have paid, we will email you confirming your payment. Sit back and relax while we consolidate your packages and prepare them for shipping. We will notify you via email once your shipment is on the way, as well as give you your tracking number so you can track its status.

Depending on what mode of shipping you have chosen, your shipment will be delivered to your front door.


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